Our Team

Jash Patwa


Ph: 7021520557

Vice President

Mohit Bhandari
Saptarshi Kumar
Ph. No: 7030224401

Quant Head

Aditya Dwivedi

Ph: 7030223346

Investment Advisor

Madhav Maheshwari

Ph: 9716432112


“Greed is good”
Wallstreet Club is a group of undergraduate students from BITS-Pilani K K Birla Goa Campus who aim to create a smart class of future investors, traders, and quants. In our activities, we discuss Global and Domestic markets, investment opportunities and trading strategies in stocks and financial derivatives which we then try in our personal stock portfolios. We are venturing into quantitative finance, with many members working part-time as quantitative research consultants at hedge funds like TrexQuant LLP and WorldQuant LLC. We also hold lectures on Basics of economics, Fundamental and Technical analysis of stocks, Equity and Commodity Derivatives, Forex and Cryptocurrencies. Leaders of our team from previous years have also been placed at many reputed companies and marked their name in the field of finance.

“Wallstreet and the seniors helped me give direction in terms of approach towards trading and the markets. Once you've traded yourself in the market, you know how many variables to account for in your decision making. I'm currently interning at Futures First, a trading firm and if it weren't for WallStreet, I would've never explored this option.”
- Kashish Malhotra , President 2016-17

Quant Head: Aditya Dwivedi
Investment Manager : Madhav Maheshwari
Vice President : Saptarshi Kumar,Mohit Bhandari
President: Jash Patwa