SAEINDIA BITS Goa Collegiate Club

SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) is a collegiate club of BITS Pilani - K.K. Birla Goa
Campus. The club consists of two teams that participate in the events namely SAEINDIA SUPRA
& Formula Bharat and SAEINDIA BAJA. SUPRA (SUPer RAcing)is held in Buddh International
Circuit, Greater Noida in the month of June. Recently a new team has been established that will
take partin SAE Aero events from the coming year. The teams manufacture a formula type car and
an off road vehicle respectively.
The club also designs its own t-shirts that is available for everyone on the campus. Due to
frequent interactions in the corporate world, the club also organises for various guest lectures,
workshops that help students to get an idea of the corporate world.


Team Grease Monkeys FSAE is the Formula Student team of BITS Pilani – K.K. Birla Goa
Campus that manufactures a formula inspired open cockpit racing vehicle. The entire vehicle is
designed and manufactured in-house by the students. Despite the infeasibility in manufacturing in
Goa, the entire car is built, modified and assembled by the team.
The car undergoes various tests where it should satisfy certain criteria. The team has various
sub-divisions that take up the responsibility of the particular sub-section of the car. Under the
guidance of our faculty and technical advisors, the team has been able to achieve great heights of
success in the past years. A major contribution towards a successful project by the team
constitutes the participation of the sponsors.
Team Grease Monkeys has been affiliated with some of the prestigious companies in the past
which has led to a fruitful relation for both the sides. We expect to achieve greater heights in future
events with the help of our sponsors and the technical advancement gained in the past
Formula student is an event organised annually by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
International. The objective of the event is to unite students from various disciplines of Engineering
to design and manufacture a Formula inspired racing car that follows a particular set of rules and
guidelines and that is viable for mass production.
Safety and Ergonomics are the main aims in the car. The prototype race car is judged in a number
of events that include Statics, Dynamics & Endurance race. The Statics round consists of
presenting the virtual design and specifications of the car via the Design report, Cost Report &
Business Report. In the Dynamics round, the car is put through tests like Brake Test, Acceleration
Test, Skid-Pad Test and Autocross to gauge its performance in real life situations.
The final round is the Endurance race in which the teams race their vehicles on the track only after
successful technical and performance inspections. Points are assigned to the teams on the basis
of their performance in these tests and the team with the maximum number of points is declared
as the winner of the event.


BITS Goa’s team “GREASE MONKEY-BAJA ” participates in the BAJA (pronounced as “baha”)
SAE India competition, which is usually held in last week of January at the NATRIP facility in
Pithampur, Indore.
In the BAJA competition, teams are challenged to build a 4-wheeled single seater all-terrain
vehicle (ATV) that can race through and survive extreme terrain. Teams across the different
engineering colleges of India showcase their talent and compete. The four-day event is divided
into stages, which includes technical inspection, static evaluation such as design, cost and sales
presentation. This is followed by dynamic events which have an acceleration test, sled pull,
suspension, traction and maneuverability. The endurance test is last one in which each buggy
rider goes through rough terrain and bad weather conditions.
Out of around 400 teams, over 150 teams are selected after the virtual round, which was held in
July, at Chitkara University, Punjab. After the virtual round, the team starts manufacturing a
vehicle based on thousands of results from simulation. The overall weight of the vehicle had been
reduced by nearly 50 kg from previous editions by removing unnecessary frame tubes, reinforcing
shock nodes, utilizing FOX Float 3 shock absorbers and using ANSYS software to validate
strength and safety. Moreover, the team is one of the few, who designed their gearbox manually to
get better optimized result.
“Mistakes are the best teachers; one can only reach their true potential if they know to celebrate
their successes and analyze their mistakes.” says Ghanshyam Dhamat, the captain for BAJA 2019
during inducting the new members for new team. By this BAJA team has stepped off to next a
year long journey.
SAE INDIA Aero Design Challenge is an event held annually at the Anna University in Chennai. Its
main motive is to design and build the most efficient and robust airplane models which are
lightweight, strong and can lift as much payload as possible while fulfilling its basic safety
As it has not been very long since its conception, SAE INDIA Aero Design competition has few
participants. But this number is soon to increase as its outreach increases and popularity grows
like its sister competitions, SAE INDIA BAJA and SAE INDIA Supra.
Our team, Team Pegasus, hopes to match and subsequently outclass others in the field, and we
strive for that goal from the very first year of its germination. We are new to the field, but with the
right kind of technical supervision, we are sure that it won’t be long before we are technically
sound to participate and bag top places in the Global level competitions, the SAE Aero West and
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SAE Club Core Members -
Abhishek Kulkarni Prakhar Agarwal Prateek Jain
(Chairperson) (Vice - Chairperson) (Treasurer)
9673866645 9130450340 8962860124
Abhishek Gosavi Raj Goshar
(Secretary) (Secretary)
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Our Team

Abhishek Kulkarni


Ph: 9673866645

Vice Chairperson

Prakhar Aggarwal
Ph: 9130450340


Prateek Jain

Captain Baja'19

Ghanshyam Dhamat