We’re a bunch of avid readers, funny writers, debaters, loony comedians and more. We value the ability to take a joke higher than the ability to crack one.

We find humour in the strangest little things. As far as mixing work and play is concerned, we have thin lines between the two.

Our main events throughout the year are:
Contention: The Waves Debate – A part of Waves (the BITS Goa annual cultural fest), in which colleges from all over the country participate. http://thewavesdebate.wordpress.com/
Carpe Dictum - Also a part of Waves for the past two years, this Literary mini-fest of Waves sees participation from some of the sharpest minds in India's literary circuit.
SchoolBag – A debate for high school students of Goa, conducted during Quark (the BITS Goa annual techno-management fest).
BITS Debating League – A long-ish intra-college knockout-style recklessly-punctuated-with-witty-retorts debate tournament.
BITS Literary League - A multi-team competition featuring many LDC favourites: word-games, MELA quiz, taboo et al, which uncannily unites all LDC members regardless of inclination and skill. Both leagues are open to all.
Miscellaneous other intra-college events according to the whims of our members. For instance, an impromptu JAM session near the students’ favourite on-campus eatery, an exhibition debate at the start of the year, and our flagship Open Mic events, open to all, held twice a semester. Or as often as we like.
Online events, hosted on the LDC Page, such as Creative Writing Prompts and the occasional Rebus/Word Play competition. LDC also operates its own blog, https://ldcbg.wordpress.com, which is updated with works from its members past and present.

The Literary and Debating Club, BITS Goa

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Our Team

Atharv Kirtikar


Ph: +91 89752 97801

Literary Head

Atharva Phadnis
Ph: +91 7350 95005

Debate Head

Aditya Sunkara
Ph: +91 97915 13743