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  • What if my BITS ID is lost/damaged?

    Go to SWD office (B-102) and apply for duplicate ID card there.

  • How do I register my LAN complaints

    Ans. If you have any issues with the LAN port go to the BITS Goa Computer Center website (, open the menu options and go to services. After that find a option that says Complaint Management System and register your complaint.

  • How do you book your hostel room for parents/siblings ?

    Ans. If you want your parents or siblings (only) to stay in your hostel room, the procedure is as follows-
    •  3 days prior to their arrival, fill the form which can be taken from the courier room/hostel assistant.
    •  Submit it to B216 or B217, the offices of the senior superintendents.
    •  Rs 100 per person per night will be charged.
    •  Get a slip from the senior superintendent.
    •  When you go to pick your parents at the gate, show the slip to the guards.
    •  On entering the hostel, give the slip to the hostel assistant.
    • Only a male relative can stay in the boys hostel and vice versa.
    • For a female relative of a boy, a vacant room in the girls hostel will be provided, if available.
    • Only one extra person can stay with you in your room.

  • How do you book a vacant hostel room(called Guest room) for parents/siblings ?

    Ans. If you are aware of a vacant room in a hostel, you can let one person(only) stay in it for which you will be charged at Rs. 250/night.  For this also, you have to follow the same procedure as mentioned in the next question.

  • How to book a room in the Visitor’s Guest House(VGH) ?

    Ans. Guest House room can be booked for any relative/friend. To book a room,

    • Go to the PR office in the B-Dome(in the first left lane) .
    • Fill the form that you will get and take the receipt.
    • You will be charged Rs. 1500/night.
  • How to access BITS library catalogue online?

    Ans. You can access the BITS library catalogue, Koha online by going on the link: when connected to BITS intranet services.

    On Koha, you can do the following:

    • You can search which books are there in the library,
    • which shelves of the library they are kept on and
    • whether they are available to be issued by you.
    • Also, you can suggest new books to the library.
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