We are a group of highly motivated students who like getting their hands dirty and tinkering with things to make things as small as tiny bug robots to building artificial waterfalls that can generate patterns at will. We try to build innovative solutions to real-world problems and to make a difference in the world.

We have been supporting innovation by students in all domains of engineering since <insert founding year here> and have been setting a higher benchmark every year. Our troupe of enthusiastic members have been trying, successfully, with every passing year, to entice more and more students with their workshops (CTE, TIP), annual Quark displays and the opportunity to work on the most challenging real-world problems and have been raising the bar ever since. Besides, we also encourage all the students of the college to develop their own projects by granting them access to the club’s inventory thereby encouraging the growth of a healthy technical culture in one of the finest technical institutes of the country.
We boast of representing the college in national competitions like Robocon and technical festivals of engineering colleges across the country and conducting events for Quark, the annual techno-management festival of BITS Pilani Goa.
We have been growing steadily and surely, expanding the reach every year by taking the level of projects a little higher every time. Our past projects have been showcased at Quark and we have been trying to expand our reach and caliber by taking on problems faced by the industry.

Our Team

Chief Coordinator

Tejas Rane
Ph: +91 99208 90738

Prathmesh Thorwe

Technical Head

Ph: +91 70210 90622

Aditya Phopale

Mechanical Head

Ph: +91 98231 54510

Rishikesh Vanarse

Sub Coordinator

Ph: +91 95034 36694

Mohit Gupta

Research Head

Ph: +91 97690 37312

Harshal Deshpande

CTE Head

Ph: +91 70305 34380