Enactus is a global non-profit and community of student, academic and business leaders committed
to using the powers of entrepreneurial to enable human progress. Enactus students apply business
concepts to develop entrepreneurial projects that transform lives and shape a better, more
sustainable world.
At Enactus – Bits Goa chapter we have successfully implemented projects like Project
Sahara, which aims to (and has) improved the livelihood of women in the rural parts of Goa. Apart
from a few more undergoing projects, we aim to increase the number of projects undertaken by us,
especially those involving science, technology and sustainable engineering to make the world around
us better and transform lives through our actions.

Our Team


Harsh Varma
Ph: 91691-29216

Vice President

Pritesh Singh
Ph: 8051468885


Gaurav Gandhi
Ph: 9004487914