The Economics Department at BITS Pilani – K. K. Birla Goa Campus offers MSc
(Hons) Economics as a first degree and also, conducts a PhD programme. It also
offers a finance minor to students not in economics after the end of second year.
Faculty members are well qualified and have a lot of teaching experience. The
faculty members bring learning from teaching in different type of institutions ranging
from technology, management, and economics. The teaching methodology seeks to
provide students with a strong theoretical foundation and to create a continuous
interest and involvement with the real-life applications of economics. Along with the
emphasis on Economics, the finance culture of the campus is very good with
students regularly taking part in various competitions related to economics and
finance. Interested students can undertake research projects in either economics or
finance under the faculty which can help them learn better while improving the future
prospects if they want to continue pursuing the field of economics and finance. Many
of the students go on to do further studies, research and internships in fields related
to economics and finance. Economics is of relevance to every individual. The
Department also, conducts activities under the Economics Association to create
interest and learning. Development Economics, International economics, Agriculture,
Industrial economics, Gender studies, Entrepreneurship, are some of the key areas
of research in the Department. Interdisciplinary research is also, encouraged and
many of the students pursue projects using scientific concepts and tools to analyse
economic problems.

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