Amey Jain

Chief Coordinator

Ph: +91 98509 95162


The Department looks after the "SURVEILLANCE" of the campus during the fest and the "REGISTRATION" of BITSians as well as the out-station participants who are coming for the fest....

The Department of Surveillance and Registrations is responsible for maintaining a database of each and every guest that enters the campus during the fests.
Apart from that, DOSAR also registers and maintains the database of BITSians who attends the events during the fest.
DOSAR handles the security during the fest and ensures that no disciplinary rules set by the Institute are violated during the fest and makes sure that there is no damage done to the Institute’s property or its reputation.
DOSAR also assist the event managers in managing the crowd during the event and takes care of the security issues as the situation demands during the fests.

Taaha Nizam

Relations Head

Ph: +91 98347 80832