Parth Mangal

Chief Coordinator

Ph: +91 95068 31011


The Department of Photography commonly known as DoPy is the niche of photography enthusiasts exploring various photography and videography techniques. Any event on campus organized by various student bodies, performances put up by students or celebration of religious festivals are all captured by the department. Along with that, all the events during the fests are also captured by the department. These events define the campus life of a student. Additionally, DoPy is also responsible for the production of after-movies of the fests and other videos like the freshers' and farewell video.

Our Team

Head of Photography

Ph: +91 99477 39647

Head of Videoraphy

Ph: +91 88889 02787

Head of Videoraphy

Ph: +91 86059 37499

Waves Coordinator

Ph: +91 84628 91731

Quark Coordinator

Ph: +91 95895 60620

Spree Coordinator

Ph: +91 90798 65658