Sujith V

Chief Coordinator

Ph: +91 63018 23953


Although being a relatively new department, the Department of Media and Coverage (DoMaC) has been acknowledged as a valuable asset in all the fests throughout the year. The major role in running a fest is through the publicity it gains throughout the country. DoMaC’s work consists of contacting different companies, newspapers, radio channels, magazines, media houses etc to make sure each fest gets maximum outreach across different states in the country.

Since its inception, there has been a tremendous and explosive growth for DoMaC. DoMaC being a versatile department, not only has it functioned as a key role in running a fest but has also not limited itself to just media publicity. In the past few years, we have called various artists and celebrities, raised money through sponsorship deals, had various crews to cover on the fest, and much more.

Some of the major confirmations of DoMaC: • Television partners- MTV, VH1, ZOOM TV, Comedy Central, Neo Sports, Neo Prime, 9XM. • Radio Channels- Radio Mirchi, Radio79. • Print Partners-The Hindu, Prudent Media, Business Goa, The Times of India, Rolling Stone, Rock Street Journal, The Score Magazine, College Diaries. • Artists and celebrities- Raghu Ram, Sahil Khattar, Aahana Kumra, VJ Bani. And much more.