Ayush Mittal

Ayush Mittal

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What began as a handful of students organizing informal events with the sole mission of making the fests more alluring gradually birthed into The Department Of Creative Works. The Department prides itself with the responsibility of “Value Addition” to the fest. It consists of the most creative minds on campus whose sole purpose is to engage everyone – be it participants or non participants -  in the fest, and to give every person attending the fest a memory to take back with them, to make every Bitsian feel involved in the fests.

Starting from the pre fest events to organizing the dance workshop to planning big three events for each fest from scratch, to bringing workshops and the adventure zones and organizing prom during waves, all is handled by the department. It is The only department without any boundaries or any rules and regulations, and where creativity and uniqueness are nurtured and celebrated.

Our Team

Tushar Gupta

Spree Creative Head

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Aaryan Goyal

Ayush Mittal

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