Purpose of this Page

This page is an effort of President Mohnish Wadhwa, to bring all necessary information/stats/ reviews to students who need them. The best thing about this is you get all info at one place. All documents uploaded here requires BITS Mail login without which you won't be able to access them (no access request from other emails will be accepted). All the information provided is for reference purpose only.

Click on the images below to access the respective links.

BITS Documents

Placement Stats

Placements data for the past 3 years.

Question Paper Solutions

The above link contains a collection of previous year T1, T2 , compre question papers with solution.

Humanities Reviews

Reviews written by students who attended respective (HS, GSS) humanities courses currently offered at BITS Goa.

PS Reviews

Reviews filled by students about their Practice School experience at their allocated Station.

BPGC Startups

Data about various successful startups from BITS goa in past years

All documents uploaded here requires BITS Mail to be able to access them.