Ritvik Hegde

Chief Coordinator

Ph: +91 76202 14168


Who can imagine a fest without decoration? What is it that art
cannot define?
We at the Department of Arts n Deco, task ourselves with
setting up the atmosphere for the fests. As a group of creatively
inclined people with diverse interests and skillsets, we decorate
the campus with various art installations. Be it wall-sized
paintings or 16 feet tall structures, life-sized centerpieces or
full-blown graffiti, lanterns or interactive props, we make them
all! We endeavor to bring the themes of the fests to life. And
although this requires days and days of hard work, we enjoy
every second of it!
After all, as Joy Mangano beautifully stated:
“There is something special when creative people get

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Website: http://artsanddeco.blogspot.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ArtsNDeco/
Instagram; https://instagram.com/artsndeco/

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