"BITSMUN is one of the largest international MUN conferences in the country. MUN means Model United Nations, this is a platform for participants to step up and debate about global issues.
However, that's not what the department is about. The department forms the organisational team of the BITSMUN conference. In this department, you will be part of the managerial aspect of such a large event. The managerial aspect includes publicity, international outreach, crisis management, to name a few.
And lastly, you really don't need to know what a MUN is, to be part of the department.

Our Team

Utsav Sheth

Director General

Ph: 7888014897

Shubham Garg

Secretary Genearal

Ph: 7888014897

Aakash Gupta

Deputy Secretary General

Ph: 9096092953

Abhiraj Hinge

Deputy Director General

Ph: 9011835927